Jolanta Sosnowska – Baroque Violin
Philipp Comploi – Baroque Cello (Salzburg, AT)
Erich Traxler – Harpsichord (Vienna, AT)
Arabella Fenyves – Moderation (Radio Klassik Stephansdom, Vienna, AT)

Dec 2nd, 2022 | 7:30 pm
Salvatorsaal Concert Hall, Barnabitergasse 14 | 1060 Vienna


Antonio Caldara (1678-1736)

from the Collection of the Austrian National Library: EM. 28 Mus:
I Sonata in F-Dur: Largo-Allegro-Largo-Allegro-Allegro

from the Collection of the Austrian National Library: EM. 27 Mus:
I Sonata in e-Moll: Preludio-Largo-Allegro-Allegro
II Sonata in F-Dur: Preludio-Adagio-Allegro-Allegro,
III Sonata in A-Dur: Andante-Allegro-Allegro,
IV Sonata n a-Moll: Preludio-Allegro,
V Sonata in C-Dur: Preludio-Aria-Largo-Allegro-Allegro
VI Sonata in h-Moll: Preludio-Largo-Allegro-Allegro

and also Works for Harpsichord by Georg Muffat

The violin sonatas of Antonio Caldara had long been forgotten. Only recently have they been rediscovered and thus acknowledged as precious jewels of the baroque Viennese culture. When violinist Jolanta Sosnowska detected these treasures in the “Estensische Musikalien” of the National Library Austria (an anthology of 16th and 17th century compositions and manuscripts, named after the Italian city Este), she decided to show her respect for Caldara’s brilliance and help his sonatas become known once again.

Caldara’s eight violin sonatas are characterized by their natural ease and swaying melody. The old master’s skill and imagination are reflected in the virtuosity and polyphonic artistry of his compositions. Each of his pieces are unique; together they form a stylistically diverse collection.

For 20 years, Caldara (1678 – 1736) worked as “Vice-Kapellmeister” for Emperor Charles VI in Vienna. His previously unknown works will be heard again for the first time in several centuries on Friday, Dec 2nd, 2022.

Jolanta Sosnowska has recorded Caldara’s sonatas. The production of the CD, which is published under the auspices of ÖNB and includes World Premiere Recordings, was carried out by the record company For Tune.

Ms. Arabella Fenyves, from Radio Klassik Stephansdom, will be moderating the concert.