It's Vienna

Program for Baroque Violin & Continuo

The final quarter of the seventeenth century represents a golden age for virtuosic solo violin music. The Southern German & Austrian region was especially productive and transalpine string playing intermingled and was influenced by musicians at the Italian court. It was indeed here that violin virtuosi not only emerged as artists but increasing focus was also placed on instruments and bows of the time, which in turn lead to a rapid development in violin making. Virtuosic violin playing was omnipresent in Europe at this time, found in the church, opera & public chambers. The composers, often violinists themselves, attempted to portray their finest artistry through their fascination of the melodic and technical capabilities of the instrument. The simple harmonic structure of variations and ostinato forms (found typically in the chaconne and passacaglia) provided players with ideal opportunities to demonstrate their skill and the technical possibilities of the violin.

Notably striking and passionate are the compositions in this particular time in Vienna Courts where a flourishing Cultural Centre emerged.
This program offers a selection of Baroque Marvel at the intersection of Austrian-Italian music tradition composed by local and international masters who worked in Hapsburg Court and is encompassing the extension of virtuos-brilliant musical fireworks to seductive gem of early and high baroque art of composition.