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Jolanta Sosnowska & Friends

Barockvioline Unentdeckt 2023


Distinguished Guests,

I am proud to announce the upcoming, third season of my concert series Jolanta Sosnowska & Friends – Barockvioline Unentdeckt in Vienna.
Under the motto music never gets old, we will embark on an adventure to the treasures at heart of the Capital of Music—long lost and forgotten, sophisticated pearls of Viennese culture, written by the masters of the 17th and 18th century.

You are about to discover unique musical treasures of the following archives:

  • Musica Leopoldina (Austrian National Library, Vienna)
  • The Este Collection (Austria National Library, Vienna)
  • Kodex 726 (Franciscan Archives, Vienna)

The skillful performances we are to encounter, shall deepen our understanding of baroque violin music and shed light onto compositions which have been disregarded for too long.

Beside the musical marvells offered to you, you will be invited to listen to poetry and travel diaries from the Baroque Times.

Free Wine and Bread is awainting you in the intermission!

I am looking forward to sharing a delightful artistic experience with you!

Best regards,
Jolanta Sosnowska


The Concert Hall SALVATORSAAL is an architectural masterpiece with mesmerizing wall paintings. This magnificent hall from the Baroque period, a pearl among the smaller halls of Vienna, remains unknown, even to the inhabitants of the Austrian capital. No wonder: in everyday life there is no public access to this hall, since it has always been part of the monastery. The concert series BAROCKVIOLINE UNENTDECKT (Eng. Baroque Violin Undiscovered) offers not only the unique opportunity to enjoy the precious baroque music, but also the unique beauty of the hall.


The magic of the place and the enchantment of the baroque music, baroque stories and the light play make the Concert Series BAROCKVIOLINE UNENTDECKT an unforgettable live experience for the audience.This season Jolanta Sosnowska will be performing together with exquisite artists like: Ján Krigovský, Marek Čermák, Hubert Hoffmann, Libor Masek, Monika Knoblochová and Pat Feldner. The field of baroque dance will be represented by Pia Brocza. The diaries from the times of Baroque reads Johannes Wolf.


  • CONCERT #9 – ERZÄHLUNGEN 1683 | June 24 | TICKETS

  • CONCERT #10 – MUSIK DER STILLE | September 2 | TICKETS



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Fragment of the Salvatorsaal Fresco Ceiling. Photo © Tadeusz Krzeszowiak